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Most members of the Sensitive Investigative Unit receive mandatory training and vetting by the DEA. But several current and former DEA agents said despite that vetting, the unit has long had a poor record of keeping information out of the hands of criminals. Among the most glaring problems, they say, is that Mexico doesn’t allow the DEA to scrutinize the unit’s supervisors in the same way as it does the unit’s members. Two law enforcement officials close to the Zetas case said their own inquiries revealed that a supervisor in the SIU was responsible. Former senior members of the Mexican Federal Police who worked closely with the unit did not respond to multiple requests for interviews.

On September 28, 2016, the Secretary of Federal Policy PSOE, Antonio Pradas, presented at the party headquarters resignation en bloc of 17 members of the Federal Executive for the party to pass to be managed by a management and pressure Pedro Sanchez to resign as secretary general. The Executive, composed of 35 members (originally 38), lost by resignation two executives, who joined at 17 by a total of 19, half plus one of the same. Including the president of the party, Micaela Navarro, the former Minister Carme Chacon or presidents Ximo Puig Valencia and Castilla-La Mancha Emiliano García-Page.

Workers richard rodriguez essays

workers richard rodriguez essays


workers richard rodriguez essaysworkers richard rodriguez essaysworkers richard rodriguez essaysworkers richard rodriguez essays