Website for case studies

There are a lot of website builders out there, some which are free to use, others which charge a monthly usage fee.  The concern with the visual builders is there is a lack of flexibility in what can be added and what can be edited.  Even the best builders, the ones with professional looking visual layouts and diverse options, will have fixed editable areas that limit where you can place content.  In addition, there are a lot of elements that are needed for a good business website, which includes industry research, content organization, copy-writing, effective images sized for the web, and SEO optimization.  The builders, while effective for a personal website, rarely work well for a business do to their limitations.  The image at left is the original website’s home page, and the image at right is our redevelopment.

“ Mentoring: The Evaluation 220 ,” Laura Kalbag
Freelancers are often offered projects whose budget is below their rate. Laura Kalbag had a fantastic idea on how to transform these kind of projects into a win-win: She decided to mentor a group of students. Such a project would give the students an opportunity to gain valuable experience and help them transition into freelancing, and the client would get good quality work, despite the modest budget. This series of posts describes her experience, from initial idea to launched project.

Website for case studies

website for case studies


website for case studieswebsite for case studieswebsite for case studieswebsite for case studies