War of pakistan against terrorism essay

Subsequently, in October 2001, . forces (with UK and coalition allies) invaded Afghanistan to oust the Taliban regime. On 7 October 2001, the official invasion began with British and . forces conducting airstrike campaigns over enemy targets. Kabul, the capital city of Afghanistan, fell by mid-November . The remaining al-Qaeda and Taliban remnants fell back to the rugged mountains of eastern Afghanistan, mainly Tora Bora. In December, Coalition forces (the . and its allies) fought within that region . It is believed that Osama bin Laden escaped into Pakistan during the battle. [107] [108]

The hostilities in the Rajasthan sector commenced on September the 8th. Initially Pakistan Desert Force and the Hur militia (followers of Pir Pagaro) was placed in a defensive role, a role for which they were well suited as it turned out. The Hurs were familiar with the terrain and the local area and possessed many essential desert survival skills which their opponents and their comrades in the Pakistan Army did not. Fighting as mainly light infantry, the Hur inflicted many casualties on the Indian forces as they entered Sindh. The Hurs were also employed as skirmishers, harassing the Indians LOC, a task they often undertook on camels. As the battle wore on the Hurs and the Desert Force were increasingly used to attack and capture Indian villages inside Rajasthan . It was in this vein that an assault on Kishangarh fort was launched. The attack surprised the Indians and the fort was captured after several days of bitter fighting. [60]

Regarding Babri Mazjid and Gujurat incident, please mind your own business, that’s totally internal affair to INDIA. Muslims in INDIA living in peace and growing with Incredible INDIA. Talking about minority, how many Hindus, Christians live in Pakistan and how many temples, churches are in Pakistan!!! We have % Muslims in India, who are ready to sacrifice their life for Mother INDIA. We are a secular country and will be in future. And do you have little SHAME blaming INDIA for terrorist, LOL, are you OUT OF YOUR GOD DAMN MIND? You are the f*** terrorists, whole world knows what you did and doing right now!!!

War of pakistan against terrorism essay

war of pakistan against terrorism essay


war of pakistan against terrorism essaywar of pakistan against terrorism essaywar of pakistan against terrorism essaywar of pakistan against terrorism essay