Walmart research paper outline

Agree with World Citizen. Where are your values Kerry? People pay for cheap prices through corporations paying their workers peanuts … then low paid workers complain that they need to shop at cheap places because they don’t earn enough to live. What kind of society do you want your child to grow up in? When Zellers closed down in my area and Target took over, the workers at Target were paid less than Zellers and they lost benefits. I’m on a very low income too but I shop at local farmers markets, second hand stores and am really conscious about where I spend my money so that as much as possible it stays in the community supporting local people – not large corporations with dismal records on workers conditions, rights and the environment (mother nature also pays a price for cheap stuff). How you spend your money says a lot about your values and what kind of society you want to live in – what are your values Kerry?

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Walmart research paper outline

walmart research paper outline


walmart research paper outlinewalmart research paper outlinewalmart research paper outlinewalmart research paper outline