Thesis creation worksheet

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Synopsis: Over the course of one month, students explore the life, times, and legacy of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of modern Turkey in 1923. They assess his actions and develop the ability to evaluate the impact and leadership styles of important historical figures. The project begins with an exploration of the idea of “leadership”, and focuses students on five characteristics that are common to most effective leaders. Groups of students then engage in an in-depth research project about Ataturk, and finish the unit by creating a videotaped interview of Ataturk (who is played by one of the students) using historically accurate scripts and costumes.

Notes: The base of this course is GA Virtual Learning’s Oceanography course. The pdf worksheets and labs are from there. The beginning of the course brings up millions of years. I bring in a Bible-based article to show another perspective. Later in the course I bring in a documentary to show scientists with opposing view points. There is a lot of optional printing (*). It’s for people who want more time off of the computer. If you are more interested in saving money, just skip over those and read them online. Answers are on their way for the tests and some other significant assignments. However, not all assignments have answers at this time. If students are filling in a worksheet, they will find the answers in the material and write them in and should not need to check them, and sometimes points are awarded just for completing an assignment. There are, besides tests, quizzes which are self graded and grading rubrics for labs. Materials are listed in bold next to the day number.

Thesis creation worksheet

thesis creation worksheet


thesis creation worksheetthesis creation worksheetthesis creation worksheetthesis creation worksheet