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Brahman ( Sanskrit : ब्रह्मन् , brahman) [48] is a metaphysical concept of Hinduism referring to the ultimate reality. [49] According to Doniger, the Brahman in the Hindu thought is the uncreated, eternal, infinite, transcendent, the cause, the foundation, the source and the goal of all existence. [51] Brahmin ( Sanskrit : ब्राह्मण , Brahmin) [64] is a varna in Hinduism specialising in theory as priests, preservers and transmitters of sacred literature across generations. [65] [66] The Brahmanas , or Brahmana Granthas, ( Sanskrit : ब्राह्मणग्रंथ , brāhmaṇa) [67] are one of the four ancient layers of texts within the Vedas . They are primarily a digest incorporating myths, legends, the explanation of Vedic rituals and in some cases philosophy. [68] [69] They are embedded within each of the four Vedas, and form a part of the Hindu śruti literature. [70]

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The AMA Education system has sister schools. Unlike the Quezon City campus, whose land is wholly owned, some of the campuses are on rented real estate. The campuses are overseen and monitored by government departments, such Department of Education (DepEd), Technical Skills and Development Authority (TESDA), Commission on Higher Education and the Philippine Maritime and Naval Agency (MARINA), for Norwegian Maritime Institute. Student population mainly determine the longevity of the campuses. Only the main campus of AMA, in Project 8, is accredited with a University status; all else are under study for proper accreditation.

Thesis 20 creator

thesis 20 creator


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