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In addition to Classification Board members viewing material, under the Classification Act, the Director can allow a trained person to recommend a classification for additional content on DVDs, for certain television series and for some computer games (not computer games classified MA15+, R18+ or higher). These people are called Authorised Assessors and they usually work for the companies who distribute films and computer games. The assessors write a report about the content and give it to the Classification Board. The board uses the report to help them make the classification decision. The classification decision is made by the board, not industry assessors.

The reform work stemming from Ahead of the Game: Blueprint for Reform of Australian Government Administration (2010) sought to clarify and align employment conditions across the APS, and in particular to ensure that non-SES classification arrangements and work level standards continued to meet the needs of APS agencies and employees. The report on the APS classification review , published in November 2012, made a series of recommendations to strengthen the integrity of the classification system and to achieve greater consistency in classification decision-making across the APS.

Start good classification essay

start good classification essay


start good classification essaystart good classification essaystart good classification essaystart good classification essay