Social studies essay writing rubrics

Economics -- "a social science concerned chiefly with description and analysis of the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services," as Merriam-Webster notes -- is, by definition, a social science. Job growth and loss -- both nationally and locally -- affect not just how people vote but how they relate to each other. Globalization is a hot topic that often brings people of opposing views into heated arguments and even physical confrontations. International treaties -- particularly those focusing on trade -- can inflame passions in the electorate overall, in small communities and even among individuals.

Today, most people are interested in some type of education. Whether learning merely to improve themselves as a person or to be able to get a better paying job, people are looking towards all types of avenues of education. Some people want to learn different languages such as Italian, some want to attend cooking schools to become better cooks, and some want to attend cosmetology school to learn to style hair. Parent of autistic children will want to know what to look for when researching schools that specialize in autism education.

Of course, it's important to remember that colleges look more favorably upon applicants who have done more than meet the minimum requirements. College admissions officers are looking for students who have challenged themselves throughout high school, taking on advanced coursework in multiple subjects. As social studies is an area in which most schools only require two or three years of study, this may be an opportunity to present yourself as a well-rounded and dedicated student, particularly if you are applying for a program in history, civics, or any of the liberal arts.

Social studies essay writing rubrics

social studies essay writing rubrics


social studies essay writing rubricssocial studies essay writing rubricssocial studies essay writing rubricssocial studies essay writing rubrics