Project management requirements

Project market lambs are most susceptible to disease during periods of stress. The most critical time for your lamb is the first few days after it arrives. Keep your lamb warm and dry and allow it to rest and become accustomed to its new home. Make sure your lamb is properly vaccinated and free of all internal and external parasites before you bring it home. Watch for coughing, scours (diarrhea), or other signs of disease. With proper care, you will have few problems once your lamb is started on feed and comfortable in it's new home.

Plan to treat your market lamb for internal parasites and vaccinate at least once prior to the fair. Many counties have even started worming and vaccinating at the initial weigh-ins, for those lambs that were not treated prior to purchase. Remember to monitor withdrawal times on all drugs and medications. Answer these questions each time you care for your market lamb:

For example, if during the application process you selected the EVMP – IT™ industry track, your PART B exercises will be based on a project from the Information Technology (IT) industry such as using Applied Earned Value Management (EVM) on an IT project, for example, among numerous others. Upon successful completion of both EVMP® certification PARTs A and B, you will be awarded the EVMP® credential certification with an industry specialization or track: EVMP – IT™ which is reflected on your EVMP® credential certification. You must place both your EVMP® certification and EVMP – IT™ specialization behind your name:

Project management requirements

project management requirements


project management requirementsproject management requirementsproject management requirementsproject management requirements