Princeton dissertations

Dr. Veeramachaneni has co-founded two startups- Feature Labs and PatternEx. Feature Labs helps organizations transform their raw, noisy data into intelligent representations using data science automation tools. PatternEx, a cyber security startup is focused on developing the first active learning based solution for identifying new security threats and constantly evolving models that detect threats. His work on AI driven solutions for data science and cybersecurity has been covered by major media outlets- Washington Post, CBS news, Wired, Forbes, Newsweek, among others. Dr. Veeramachaneni received his Masters’ in Computer Engineering and . in Electrical engineering in 2009, both from Syracuse University. After PhD he joined MIT in 2009.

Two letters of reference must be submitted online by October 16 or postmarked by October 2. If you are submitting online, please ensure that you submit the correct email address for your referees. It is your responsibility to ensure that we receive your references letters. Applications missing reference letters will be considered incomplete. Your referees should be familiar with you and your work, and you should send them a copy of your project description so that they can comment specifically upon your proposed study, your qualifications for undertaking it, and how you and/or your work would contribute to the Center’s goal of bridging the gap between the world of learning and the world of public affairs. The letters should follow the guidelines for referees outlined in the Reference Letter Form. Reference letters must be written in English. Do not send letters written for another purpose, such as those for a job application. Applicants are strongly encouraged to follow up with their referees to confirm that they have sent their letters to the Center.

Princeton dissertations

princeton dissertations


princeton dissertationsprinceton dissertationsprinceton dissertationsprinceton dissertations