Personal statement sample essays electrical engineering

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Economics plays an integral part of my everyday life. It is about trying to understand the world and making real and personal decisions. I can attest how economics affects the lives of the people around me. An instance was when the ravages of the recent Asian crisis threatened to level the gains from an era of unprecedented growth in Singapore. My fascination was spurred with how the economy operates: what makes it tick? It seemed amazing how through specific and finicky aggregate demand and supply. Economics dictates remarkably when and where goods and services would distribute itself.
This fascination drove me to apply for various internships with several organizations in Singapore. I was able to be a part of several companies like UBS, Citibank, HSBC to OUB Insurance, and the QBE Insurance Group. The stint that most impressed me was with Citibank where I was attached to a leading fund manager. I was exposed to the true extent of global economics; how capitalist and industrial powers can unfairly influence and dictate the allocation and organization of the worldwide goods and enriching internships served as an eye-opener, it reformed my belief that an overseas education will greatly widen the horizons and perspective in my chosen field of study. United Kingdom interests me the most because of its outstanding tradition for academic excellence and professional accreditation. An all-around UK university education together with a proven track record for employment will provide the best way to jump-start my career. These combined with my leadership ability, communication skills and becoming a great team player will surely make me an efficient competitively at national youth levels my leadership tenured as a school captain. It reinforced the significance of good leadership thus necessitating a need to become an effective role model for my team members to follow. In addition, I have gained more knowledge with regard to time management because I was required to balance my academic studies and competitive bowling. I have also pursued an active interest in ballroom dancing, learning how to waltz, tango and salsa and brought it further by participating in a social charity ball. Furthermore, I was selected as a school ambassador at a Singapore National Youth council seminar, speaking up on pressing social, political and economic issues they addressed. This particular seminar impressed upon me the intrinsic weave economics has on every aspect of our had a chance to be a signals instructor sergeant in the Army; I led my men by example and yet I was an active listener and contributor within a team. This includes motivating trainee cadets from diverse backgrounds, inspiring trust and forging camaraderie with them during tactical driven and resilient, I am still aware of the challenges that loom ahead. Through my various work experiences and extra-curricular activities, I believe I possess both the aptitude and qualifications to excel. Admission into a program of choice in your prestigious and exciting institution will enable me to further develop my skills and my potential, and
I hope to make a personal impact and contribute greatly in your institution.

Personal statement sample essays electrical engineering

personal statement sample essays electrical engineering


personal statement sample essays electrical engineeringpersonal statement sample essays electrical engineeringpersonal statement sample essays electrical engineeringpersonal statement sample essays electrical engineering