Outline planning for an essay

In 2-tier areas it is only the district which must keep the planning register; the county is under no duty to keep a planning register. Under article 11(4) of the Town and Country Planning Development Management Procedure (England) Order 2015 , a copy of any application made to the county, as well as accompanying plans, drawings and information, must be sent to the district by the county. Hard copies or electronic copies are acceptable. Copies sent electronically must meet the requirements of article 2(3) of the Town and Country Planning (Development Management Procedure) (England) Order 2015 .

Nice article Tim. In my experience, succession planning has been further elaborated with the job description components (accountability, responsibility, skills required and decision-making authority). So much of any transition is undocumented that it may be necessary to capture the high-level areas of responsibility into this process.

For example, if account management and financial reporting are key responsibilities, in the past I have created a simple word table with those areas as categories and listed the current state, initiatives and business process across each. It's somewhat of a roadmap approach to orient the new individual to the key activities in each area.

Might be a bit granular for some succession plans, but this gives great assurance to leadership that no ball is dropped during the transition. The document then becomes the checklist of what to discuss with the new hire. - Jessica

Outline planning for an essay

outline planning for an essay


outline planning for an essayoutline planning for an essayoutline planning for an essayoutline planning for an essay