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T he one notable exception was Walter Benjamin, who had been living in indigent isolation in Paris since Germany had succumbed to the Nazis. When Hitler’s forces rolled into France in 1940, Benjamin fled southwards ahead of the advancing occupation, until even sheltering in Provence became fraught with peril. With a small band of refugees, he undertook an arduous crossing of the Pyrenees on foot, hoping to be granted safe passage through Spain and Portugal, and then sail from Lisbon to the American refuge that his colleagues had managed to secure for him. On their arrival in the Catalan harbour town of Portbou, the fugitive group learned that Franco’s Spain had closed its northern border, and that they would likely be returned the next morning to occupied France, and thence to a German concentration camp. Benjamin apparently killed himself in a hotel room with an overdose of morphine, although some believe he was assassinated by local agents of the Soviet secret service, the NKVD.

      "The republication of Raintree County and the publication of Shade of the Raintree are indeed the most important literary publications of 1994 . . In these two publications, a remarkable, perhaps even a great literary work will continue to live in spite of the vagaries of literary fashion, popular taste, or literary celebrity. If Raintree County is not the fabled Great American Novel, it will do until that unlikely work appears. . Evident at once in re-reading the novel is not only the durability of the characters and the myth that Ross Lockridge created, but the elements that make the novel even more timely in 1994 than it was in 1948."  -Complete review:  David Anderson, Director, The Center for the Study of Midwestern Literature and Culture

Agile processes promote sustainable development. The sponsors, developers, and users should be able to maintain a constant pace indefinitely . Just like you can't sprint for an entire marathon, you can't successfully develop software by forcing people to work overtime for months at a time. My experience is that you can only do high-quality, intellectual work for 5-6 hours a day before burning yourself out. Yes, the rest of the day can be filled up with email, meetings, water cooler discussions, and so on, but people's ability to do "real work" is limited. Yes, you might be able to do high-quality work for 12 hours a day, and do so for a few days straight, but after awhile you become exhausted and all you accomplish is 12 hours of mediocre work a day.

Mythical man month essays software engineering amazon

mythical man month essays software engineering amazon


mythical man month essays software engineering amazonmythical man month essays software engineering amazonmythical man month essays software engineering amazonmythical man month essays software engineering amazon