Maxim narrative essay

Nietzsche used maxims widely in his writing, because he did not like the structure of an extended philosophical argument. Many of his maxims are difficult to figure out, and this one is no exception – what does Nietzsche mean by the “seriousness” of children’s play? Perhaps he meant that children are absorbed completely when they play, and have no sense of irony or hesitation about what they are doing. Nietzsche may have meant that mature adults should also have this kind of absorption in their work, but no one knows for sure since Nietzsche did not elaborate.

The first night of The Seagull , at the Alexandrinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg on 17 October 1896, was a fiasco, as the play was booed by the audience, stinging Chekhov into renouncing the theatre. [72] But the play so impressed the theatre director Vladimir Nemirovich-Danchenko that he convinced his colleague Konstantin Stanislavski to direct a new production for the innovative Moscow Art Theatre in 1898. [73] Stanislavski's attention to psychological realism and ensemble playing coaxed the buried subtleties from the text, and restored Chekhov's interest in playwriting. [74] The Art Theatre commissioned more plays from Chekhov and the following year staged Uncle Vanya , which Chekhov had completed in 1896. [75]

Du Maurier does not linger on the question of whether or not Maxim was justified in murdering Rebecca. In the end, his actions are nullified by Dr. Baker ’s evidence that Rebecca was already dying of cancer. Rebecca merely manipulated Maxim into shooting her, and Maxim is cleared of any wrongdoing. Yet, there is still an uneasy feeling about Maxim’s actions toward Rebecca. While Rebecca was admittedly immoral and insincere during her life, she seemed to engage in no crime other than being sexually liberal and independent. Maxim assumed the role of a judge and, after judging Rebecca, found her to be worthy of death. The reader can only hope that Maxim never feels the need to judge the narrator in the same way.

Maxim narrative essay

maxim narrative essay


maxim narrative essaymaxim narrative essaymaxim narrative essaymaxim narrative essay