Life in the warsaw ghetto essay

In the year between these maps 10 % of the Jews in the ghetto die. There still are some restaurants and nightclubs, with music and wines for the rich and the corrupt but in many places people are dying from typhoid, hunger and cold. The ghetto is reduced even faster than its death rate. November 28, Nowy Kurier Warszawski brings the news: Jews Vandalized an Apartment in Revenge for Being Forced to Leave It . Some weeks later this framing is mirrored hundredfold. The historian Emmanuel Ringelblum, the head of the secret archive group Oneg Shabbat (Joy of Sabbath), records that after the forced secession of 4 large areas from the ghetto, the Jews get some small blocks at its western border in return, on Wolnosc, Chlodna and Zelazna streets: The Christians left their appartments in a terrible state. They’ve taken the windows, locks, door frames, even floors and gas meters. They completely demolish them.

Yes, this was a tragedy and a horrific event, but do not think that the people who followed Hitler just believed what he had to say without reason. Germany was in a massive great depression because of WW2, which led to the *genius* idea of just printing more money for them, which decreased the value of their money to almost nothing. These people were starving. The human cannot properly function when it is starving and desperate, therefore their mindset and logic changes somewhat barbarically. Once Hitler comes into power, these people saw him as a way to food, and once they began to be fed by him, they followed him blindly like dogs. He says death, they will bring the death. It was not the people's fault, it was Hitlers and a few others.

Life in the warsaw ghetto essay

life in the warsaw ghetto essay


life in the warsaw ghetto essaylife in the warsaw ghetto essaylife in the warsaw ghetto essaylife in the warsaw ghetto essay