Essays on importance of yoga

The Sacred Grove of Oshogbo was one place I had been looking forward to visiting in Nigeria. As prevalent as indigenous religions still are in West Africa, it is often hard to find public expressions of them in towns and cities; the Christianity brought by European slavers and colonialists has taken root and pushed most of these religions out of mainstream life. But in the Sacred Grove shrines honor all the local deities, including Obatala, the god of creation, Ogun, the god of iron, and Oshun, the goddess of water, whose aqueous essence is made manifest by the river running through the trees. The place is unique in the Yoruba religion, and that intrigued me.

Sometimes we need to write something that will not go into our final, finished piece of writing, in order to get — so to speak — to the writing that will eventually circulate to readers. For example, in my own work, I find myself constantly asking a “so what?” question, wondering why the phenomenon I’m looking into matters, wondering why fellow experts, or anybody, should care. As a result, I frequently find, particularly when beginning a project, that I have to write a brief narrative of how I came to be interested in the topic, of why it matters to me. When I was a less experienced scholar, I thought that such narratives could be part of an introduction.

The importance of school education lies in the fact that the children of today will become adult citizens of tomorrow. The growth and future of our country highly depends upon the quality of the present school education system.  But, we notice that the less privileged get sub-standard schools. The teachers teach like drudges and there is little participation. In a good school the chief objective of the authority is to stimulate interest and curiosity in the students. Today in major cases this happens because of high fees. In India this disparity is proving to be cancerous for the nation. Merit is never an exclusive possession of the affluent class. Unless opportunities of good education trail down to the grass-root level, the health of the nation will surely suffer.

Essays on importance of yoga

essays on importance of yoga


essays on importance of yogaessays on importance of yogaessays on importance of yogaessays on importance of yoga