Essays on animal farm propaganda

I am well acquainted with all the arguments against freedom of thought and speech — the arguments which claim that it cannot exist, and the arguments which claim that it ought not to. I answer simply that they don’t convince me and that our civilisation over a period of four hundred years has been founded on the opposite notice. For quite a decade past I have believed that the existing Russian régime is a mainly evil thing, and I claim the right to say so, in spite of the fact that we are allies with the USSR in a war which I want to see won. If I had to choose a text to justify myself, I should choose the line from Milton:

Furthermore, Napoleon uses evil propaganda against Snowball, after he has been forced off Animal Farm, to further his power over the other animals. The other animals have no suspicions what so ever towards Napoleon’s attempt to seize control over Animal Farm. They believe that he is acting in the Farm’s best interest. In my own mind I believe that somewhere along the line, Napoleon lost sight of the true meaning of their revolution, which I believe is to break free from their chains and prove to the humans that they are not prisoners, they are, and deserve to be, free living, free thinking individuals, just like humans, and that they will tolerate their present treatment no longer. Napoleon saw their revolution as an opportunity to gain some authority, some control over other living beings, which, in my mind, makes him just as bad as we humans.

Essays on animal farm propaganda

essays on animal farm propaganda


essays on animal farm propagandaessays on animal farm propagandaessays on animal farm propagandaessays on animal farm propaganda