Essay equal opportunities

However, I agree with the idea that undergraduates could freely select their courses according to their interests. To begin with, the meaning of college education is the cultivation of self-interest and the learning of advanced study. That is, students could looking for their passion through a wide range of courses, and go deeper in some academic fields they are keen on. For example, I fall in love with poems by attending a series of literature classes, and now I endeavor to be a writer. If every undergraduate could find their enthusiasm in the university; then they will be competitive in their interested fields.

Equal Opportunity Practices in Workplace In the workplace to make the equality among the employer and employee the following reasons are most important. These are Offering flexible work environment for all employees, To not reserve jobs for female employees, To exclude all questions that are not relevant to the job, Treat female applicants in the same way as male applicants in selection procedure for the same job, Not asking women different questions than men about their domestic arrangements at interview, Not dismissing an employee hence she became pregnant, Offering and allocating overtime fairly between part time and full time employees, Not preventing an employee from returning to the same or similar job after a period of maternity leave. Employer should consider; Men and Women equal hiring, advancement and training opportunities, in addition to equal pay for equal work.

Essay equal opportunities

essay equal opportunities


essay equal opportunitiesessay equal opportunitiesessay equal opportunitiesessay equal opportunities