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Thursday July 7, 2016, I posted on my blog, “Concept: me waking up to the destruction of the police state and not another video of a black person being viciously murdered to be scrutinized until the end of time.” One hundred people appreciated the sentiment, still my one and only public statement about the double murders. It’s a film blog; one that I cherish for its origins in non-political affairs, and possibly my only “private” cyberspace free from political obligations and the prying eyes of loved ones. After making the post, I logged onto Facebook and created a group chat: Friday (07/08) Action against police brutality . In the thread I invited about eight activists from around the city who I’ve had previous experience organizing with — from Tamir Rice-related actions, trans liberation protests, solidarity with the charged Baltimore Uprising, and Concerned Student 1950 — and the event we created attracted hundreds of people from around the city in just hours. I spoke with local news affiliates after drafting a press release, we encouraged attendees to share the event on their various social media accounts, and when all was said and done nearly 2,000 people had RSVP’d.

Eliminating beauty and body standards is unrealistic. However, a more diverse view of beauty is necessary to save women from additional physical and psychological tolls. To be productive, happy members of society, women must be well nourished and have energy to channel to other pursuits. This is not possible if they are obsessively counting calories, restricting their intake, daydreaming about food and weight, and futility whipping their bodies into an unattainable shape. It is essential for women to consider the effects that the pursuit of the perfect body has on their lives and to challenge their beliefs about weight and appearance. With awareness of the cultural context and socio-cultural issues, and with the aid of additional strategies aimed at thinking and behaving differently, women can enhance their relationship with their body. This will allow women to live life more fully and meaningfully.

Essay body image media

essay body image media


essay body image mediaessay body image mediaessay body image mediaessay body image media