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First time 1857 revolt asked, since syllabus change. Thankfully nothing from medieval India, unlike 2014’s Panipat. 2013: women in freedom struggle

  • 2016: women during Gandhian era of freedom struggle.
Ideals of Gandhi vs (in social science) Gandhi vs Subash (in Freedom Struggle) Post Independent India- nothing asked after 2013. Drought continues. (as such linguistic state question is part of Post-Independent history but the wording is such that I put it under Regionalism topic). World History: easy questions on industrial revolution and role of Germany in WW.
  • Tough question on “WEST” Africans’ role in anti-colonial struggle.
  • Each year they’re asking one question less than previous year. So 2017- they ought to be zero question from world history!
2015: 25 marks questions on “women issues” under Social science.
  • Nothing.
  • But then again- asked about women empowerment in full length essay, as well as their role in freedom struggle
2015: Dalit empowerment asked
  • Tribal empowerment asked. But bit factual question since you’ve to enumerate the Constitutional provisions.
  • Last year – how/why tribal sex ratio better than others?
2013: regionalism to separate state demand asked
  • How linguistic states strengthen Indian unity?
  • How development disparity leads to regionalism?
2015: link between cultural diversity vs. national identity asked
  • Link between Globalization vs. cultural diversity asked!? Seems as if they’re rolling dice to set question paper!
2015: Two questions from poverty, population, globalization
  • “Remove poverty by removing deprivation”- bit GS2 like question asked. But relatively easier than narrating labour migration trend of 4 decades last year!
  • Impact of Globalization- asked in 2013, 2014 and now in 2016.
Nothing in physical geography- in 2015 Finally asked – 2 things related to physical geo’s subtopic “disaster”

Notes: The base of this course is GA Virtual Learning’s Oceanography course. The pdf worksheets and labs are from there. The beginning of the course brings up millions of years. I bring in a Bible-based article to show another perspective. Later in the course I bring in a documentary to show scientists with opposing view points. There is a lot of optional printing (*). It’s for people who want more time off of the computer. If you are more interested in saving money, just skip over those and read them online. Answers are on their way for the tests and some other significant assignments. However, not all assignments have answers at this time. If students are filling in a worksheet, they will find the answers in the material and write them in and should not need to check them, and sometimes points are awarded just for completing an assignment. There are, besides tests, quizzes which are self graded and grading rubrics for labs. Materials are listed in bold next to the day number.

El nino essay question

el nino essay question


el nino essay questionel nino essay questionel nino essay questionel nino essay question