Drug addiction essays

For many addicts, the impact of medications can be profound — even lifesaving. And for addicts with concurrent mental illnesses, drugs can be essential. Some of the same medications that help during detox can be part of primary care. Some of these prescriptions inhibit cravings. Some treat the symptoms that come with sobriety following intense and consistent drug use. Some replacement drugs not only reduce cravings but act as deterrents; they block certain drugs from attaching to receptors, thereby preventing the drugs from triggering a high if they’re taken. In addition, medications can treat the concurrent and underlying problems, including anxiety, depression, and other disorders, that contribute to addiction.

Charlie … your kind words to Bela are well-put; and I agree with everything you said. Bela’s performance as Count Dracula was truly mesmerizing – and I agree that no one will hold a candle to his interpretation and delivery
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Just wanted to let you know I was moved by what you said.

Drug addiction essays

drug addiction essays


drug addiction essaysdrug addiction essaysdrug addiction essaysdrug addiction essays