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While watching the aftermath of the Tucson shootings, I am seeing an effort by both political parties, an effort from those with opposing thoughts, beliefs and sides, an effort by the masses to ‘come together'. Our President has asked both political parties to come into meetings and sit together instead of separately, to talk and hear each other. Perhaps letting go of some of the divisiveness that has become unkind, insensitive, inappropriate and far from fruitful will stick and not fade away after the rawness of tragedy is healing.

In the case of a catalogue, which contains entries in non-Roman scripts, problems may arise when you need to enter some words in Russian. If you do not set a Cyrillic keyboard driver, however, your browser displays the Cyrillic (Russian) text correctly , you can use our virtual keyboard to type Russian letters. It might prove especially helpful for a catalogue search (GAC and other, that have a Russian setup).
The virtual keyboard can be obtained during a search by clicking on a  Russian keyboard  link. You can see the 'Russian Keyboard' button on some search forms. In order to input Russian text (for example, an author name or title word) press the appropriate letters at the virtual keyboard.
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You can find several platform universal Cyrillic fonts and installation instructions on Language Support page.   For information on NLR catalogues and card files refer to
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Dissertation yandex ru

dissertation yandex ru


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