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Not all wavelengths of light can support photosynthesis. The photosynthetic action spectrum depends on the type of accessory pigments present. For example, in green plants, the action spectrum resembles the absorption spectrum for chlorophylls and carotenoids with absorption peaks in violet-blue and red light. In red algae, the action spectrum is blue-green light, which allows these algae to use the blue end of the spectrum to grow in the deeper waters that filter out the longer wavelengths (red light) used by above ground green plants. The non-absorbed part of the light spectrum is what gives photosynthetic organisms their color (., green plants, red algae, purple bacteria) and is the least effective for photosynthesis in the respective organisms.

Dear Sirs,
I attended the cinema screening of Verdi's " Otello " last night and was bemused to see that Jonas Kaufmann was completely white in appearance. Are we all so afraid of being labelled " racist " that we have to make everthing anodyne ? I wasn't expecting him to black up like Sir Laurence Olivier, but with a little help from the make-up department he could have looked Arabic, which, I believe, the Moors truly were. There has to be something different about Otello - something that sets him apart. This is what fuels his insecurity. What we got instead was handsome Jonas Kaufmann. With no difference in Kaufmann's appearance and with sets which provided no atmosphere whatsoever, I felt that I was watching a musically superior concert performance of the opera.

It’s for these reasons and more why I say THANK YOU CHICAGO. I thank you for the daily support that you have shown me, my business and my team. In addition to that, your inspiration has served as a MAJOR platform for me to work and inspire others. You have shown me true evidence that greatness is measured by how much YOU give back, support and share. I thank you for fueling the desire to get better EVERYDAY at my craft…with NO APOLOGIES. And I love it! Chicagoans are always working to make it. For every level that we attain, we have our eye on the next one. Working hard is our #dna and the world already knows it.

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