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And finally, just like organizations in other industries, healthcare companies should continually add new services to keep patient attention and build value. Once patients are familiar with the general idea of digital-service provision, organizations can begin offering more complex, high-value services, such as integrated-care companion apps or mobile health records. This follows the model of digital champions such as Google 3 3. Jeff Jarvis. What Would Google Do? , first edition, New York, NY: HarperCollins, 2009. and Facebook, which succeeded by using their core service to build a significant user base and then offered more services, thus continuously increasing the familiarity of their users with their services—and in turn the intensity with which they use them.

Many organizations has adopt digital marketing concept to their marketing activities and they also have introduced it. There are some way to introduce such as by using E-service, it is explained by Rowley (2008, p527) 'E-service is deeds, efforts or performances whose delivery is mediated by information technology (including the Web, information kiosks and mobile devices). Such e-service includes the service element of e-tailing, customer support and service, and service delivery'. E-service is often used by many organizations for examples newspapers are apply their information by technology tools and it is called digital newspaper. Newspaper has made an alteration from traditional print medium to use internet, this change is also influences the concept of digital marketing because in newspaper there are also an advertisement, banners (or leader boards), expanded banners, skyscrapers, mid page banners, etc. (Christopher 2008, p10). Organizations that had been adopted digital marketing on their digital newspaper are Sinchew- which is 'the official website of Malaysia's biggest Chinese media group. Sin Chew Media Corp. Bhd, and the one of most popular Chinese Web sites in Southeast Asia' (Christopher 2008, p10) and the second is Gatehouse which has many community newspapers approximately 480. First, Sinchew- has five different tools to introduce digital marketing which are AdText (hyperlink advertising on editorial-based homepage), AdWord (a dynamic editorial tool that delivers advertising inside the text of news content), AdQuote (expanded version of AdWord concept but placed at the bottom of the article) and AdTrend (an automatically displayed advertising message based on the current market trends and nature of the business news and current events: the stock market, banking, sports, weather) and last is AdBlog, the most recent format in which one advertiser per month is featured. This AdBlog can include video/flash with advertising and blog articles, etc (Christopher 2008, p10). In the other hand, the Gatehouse is specifically on websites and use web as their platform. Moreover, they also use Zope which is 'an open-source content management system, for the relaunch as well as to build dozens of others' (Christopher 2008, p10). Gatehouse is also like google and uses it to advertise their website to make many visitors. They also participate in Google print program and google hotjob recruitment network.

Between 1933 and 1945 the Nazis sought to create a racial state comprised of what they deemed to be a racially pure population, while at the same time attempting to bring the thoughts and values of their citizens in line with Nazi ideology. To that end, individuals of multiple groups were persecuted by the Nazis because of their political convictions, sexual orientations, religious practices, or their perceived biological identities. Though the ultimate aim of the Holocaust was the “Final Solution of the Jewish Question,” which resulted in the genocide of approximately 6 million Jews, the persecution, suffering, and murder of others deemed unworthy of inclusion in the Nazi state often pre-dated the persecution of the Jews and laid the groundwork for the mechanisms that would be used against the Jews.

Digital essay websites

digital essay websites


digital essay websitesdigital essay websitesdigital essay websitesdigital essay websites