Custom 455 stainless steel

The tote style filter on the right was custom built to be 5 feet tall! Yep! That's a big tote filter! Turned out pretty sweet!

The filters above were custom 6" mini tote filters that a customer needed for a project. They're just like our standard tote filters only smaller.
These are a special custom set of tote filters that we built that also are 6" but built at 800 micron. They turned out really nice!

This is a tote filter made from 1/8" Mesh. It's a much courser material than our stainless steel screens and works great for raw filtration of large debris.
From left to right we have a 1/4" mesh tote filter, a 1/8" mesh tote filter, a 400 micron custom tote filter with 4 side supports to be used for processing honey, and the bottom right filter is a 177 micron tote filter custom sized to 16" tall. We can customize them just about any way you'd like. Custom Perforated Stainless Steel Filters

This is a set of stainless steel perforated filters with a 100 micron liner. The taller one was 21" diameter by 32" tall and the smaller one was 22" diameter by 18" tall. They both featured heavy duty 2" flanges all the way around and four heavy duty eyelets were welded to each flange.

This is a 20" diameter x 28" tall 400 micron filter with a 1/2" perforated stainless steel backer and an internal mesh support on the inside. We also installed 3" heavy duty round bar feet on the bottom of it as well. The filter fit perfectly into a standard 55 gallon Rubbermaid BRUTE garbage can.

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Custom 455 stainless steel

custom 455 stainless steel


custom 455 stainless steelcustom 455 stainless steelcustom 455 stainless steelcustom 455 stainless steel