Cpd essay

Make links with other departments especially those that are particularly successful in your school. You can do this through:
a. curricular links – the case studies on the revised secondary curriculum will give you some ideas about this
b. planning some inter-disciplinary trips and visits – . an exploration of the local community from an historical and religious perspective, a discussion about religion and art through a visit to an art gallery, a visit to a place of worship which incorporates learning outcomes for RE and another area – . Canterbury (with English – the Canterbury Tales ), Sri Swaminarayan Mandir, Neasden, London (with technology – building design and structures) or even a visit to Florence (with Modern Foreign Languages).
c. Taking part in local or national competitions such as the James Hemming Essay Prize (with English), the Spirited Arts Competition (with Art and or Media Studies) or Model United Nations (with Citizenship).

18 Earthjustice is fighting a series of legal battles related to various areas affected by the drought. Besides litigating against destructive fracking practices, the organization is fighting for strong protections of endangered fish species, and the renegotiation of long-term water contracts with corporate agriculture interests that were established under an inadequate and since-invalidated biological opinion. Earthjustice is also representing the grassroots organization Restore the Delta in ongoing hearings before California’s State Water Resources Control Board that will determine the future of the Twin Tunnels proposal .

Cpd essay

cpd essay


cpd essaycpd essaycpd essaycpd essay