Cover letter job application format

Examples I find that people learn better by looking at an example. It is difficult to pick a profession where most people understand. Some of the ones I came up with were CFO , administrative assistant and a project manager . (You can see the samples by clicking on the link on each of the profession.) But all these are frankly, boring. So I thought maybe something a bit more fun for this dry subject. I am a fan of Harry Potter and this is a cover letter written by Severus Snape (before he became a Professor at Hogwarts) to Lord Voldemort applying to be a Death Eater. My explanations are highlighted in yellow . Dear Lord Voldemort;
( Writing to a specific person )

A proven track record in potion making, spell casting especially in hexes and curses and a talented duellist is the background I’ll bring to your Death Eater position.
( Strong opening sentence appealing to the requirements of the job ).

Allow me to highlight my strengths:

  • Significantly increased the strength (by five times) of the Draught of Living Death potion.
  • Created many new spells including the Sectumsempra spell (this spell violently wounds the target).
  • Mastered many hexes and curses.
  • Hogwarts Duelling champion 3 years in a row.
( Showing how he can meet the employers’ needs while being concise )

I would like to discuss in greater detail the contributions I would make in your army. I can be reached with the Enchanted Coin attached.
( This emphasize to the employer that he can add value. He also makes sure there is contact details. In the non magical world, we should put a phone number and/or email. )

Your time and consideration is most appreciated.

Severus Snape
. Your current Death Eaters Avery and Mulciber can vouch for my strengths.
( A . captures the attention of the employer. In this case, he points out contacts that the employer can refer to. )

Cover letter job application format

cover letter job application format


cover letter job application formatcover letter job application formatcover letter job application formatcover letter job application format