Coursework evalutaion

Did you know that some academic majors at SRU have prescribed Liberal Studies (General Education) requirements?  This important detail is critical as you make selections of college-in-high-school classes.  Here are the most prominent majors with specific Liberal Studies requirements:

Biology (3+3 PrePT; 3+2 PA)
Early Childhood Education
Exercise Science (3+3 PrePT; 3+2 PA)
Health & Physical Education Teaching (School Wellness Education)
Safety Management
Secondary Education - English & History

Liberal Studies Conversion Guides for all 14 Pennsylvania community colleges and several in New York and Ohio are available online to assist you whether you are exploring your academic options or have a chosen major in mind.  Please be advised that SRU accepts credits from all accredited two-year and four-year institutions in all fifty states provided a grade of "C" or better has been earned in non-developmental courses.

For advice and recommendations on college-in-high-school coursework that will be transferrable to SRU, please contact:

Robert Lagnese
Director of Transfer Admissions and New Student Orientation
1-800-929-4778 (option 2)

Coursework evalutaion

coursework evalutaion


coursework evalutaioncoursework evalutaioncoursework evalutaioncoursework evalutaion