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Indeed, it shows us how the mentalities evolved in England, with the arrival of the Hippies, which marks a powerful sexual and cultural revolution. The music will take a very important place in the 60s with rock bands like the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. But the most important element in this document is the look given to women.
They are no longer perceived as housewives. From the standpoint of technological progress, the coming to power of Harold Wilson demonstrates th wish of developing new technologies.
During the sixties will appear the pill.

Playwriting for Gouges was a political activity. In addition to slavery, she highlighted divorce, the marriageability of priests and nuns, girls forcibly sent to convents, the scandal of imprisonment for debt, and the sexual double-standard, as social issues, some repeatedly. Such activism was not unheard-of on the stage, but Gouges carried it to new heights. By 1790, her writings had become more explicitly political. She had three plays published:  Les Démocrates et les Aristocrates; ou le Curieux du Champ de Mars [ The Democrats and the Aristocrats ] , a satire of political extremists on both sides; Le Nécessité du Divorce [ The Necessity of Divorce ], again illustrating the powerlessness of women trapped in marriage, and written simultaneously with a debate on the topic in the National Assembly (France would be the first Western country to legalize divorce two years later); and Le Couvent ou les Vœux Forces [ The Convent, or Vows Compelled ]. The Convent was her second play to see the light of day, and her greatest success. In the year of its publication it saw approximately 80 performances. Highlighting the political impotence of women, it illuminated the injustice of the Church’s complicity in male relatives’ right to force females into convents against their will.

Corrige de dissertation com

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