Computer learning thesis

We offer projects and thesis topics (“Forschungsspraktikum”, “Grosser Beleg”, “Bachelor, Master, and Diploma Thesis). The topics cover a wide range of application fields and different methodologies – see our general research overview . Each researcher describes the researcher field he is interested in below – please contact them directly. It is often best to tailor the project to your background and interests. At the end of the webpage, you can also find specific announcements of projects (often in cooperation with other teams).

The industrial organizational psychology graduate program emphasizes the application of psychological science to enhance the performance and well-being of people in organizations. This program will prepare you to develop assessments of people for selection and placement into jobs, effective training programs, strategies for organizational development, measurement of performance, and ways to promote quality of work-life. Students receive a strong core foundation in industrial and organizational psychology as well as statistics and research methods.

Computer learning thesis

computer learning thesis


computer learning thesiscomputer learning thesiscomputer learning thesiscomputer learning thesis