Childhood temper tantrum essay

Continued) My son is 3 years old he doesn't speak, he has his own language and will speak only if he's . So here's some pointers for some of you with the same is my son is smart, I spoil him so He is choosing not to speak, he absolutely can but I do not give him a opportunity to ask for things I am usually already tending to anything he needs before he asks or even has a chance to. I was the same way my dad spoiled me. And I know this because : when he throws tantrums which is rare because I do not let it go the there unless I'm tired and worn out but when he does he hurts himself and my mother who usually helps me with him and all of a sudden he can speak and tell me how he feels in a fit of rage he will talk. He has trigger words which I forbit anyone to say to him so I don't have to deal with the melt downs. So pay attention to words you say and the way they act. Its sort of sensory. Like when anyone says my name period I have a feeling of irritation and immediately my attention is on and it gives me anxiety. My son is the same way. Other times if I call him by his name he wont respond. He hears me that's not the problem its a problem of where his attention is at the time, and if he feels the way my tone was deserves attention or not. If your child doesn't respond to there name don't speak to your child for about 5 mins as they are playing then try saying there name in a low voice not loud but excited like you have to show them something and see what happens. They hear you its more like a (if its important they will say my name a couple more times then maybe I'll respond or hopefully they'll give up and leave me alone) The problem is we are smarter than normal we understand human communication and emotions better than others everything is predictive and boring and we usually find ourselfs more fascinating and would like to be left alone rather than deal with others. A huge issue is our minds are constantly working so when its time to sleep we usually can't .. And if u lose sleep your nerves are very sensitive. (Your alone thinking in a room very dark all night because your supposed to be sleeping and all of a sudden the sun is coming up and your family is waking up making noises getting ready for the day and it's nerve racking) sleep is a main issue I deal with my son. He will some times stay awake for 24 hours. He's a picky eater and I feed him what hell eat which is usually junk and it messes with his sleep.. I've tried everything no ones understands it. You can't keep a child awake during the day so hell sleep at night if your a single parent. Its impossible. My life sucks because of asd I don't have a job because I will not stick my son in daycare until he can speak complete sentences. I have little help with my non sleeping son and no income. I barely make it with my online business I have so I can raise my child at home. Its horrible but I will not trade my sob for the world. I'm writing on here to try to shed some light on the disability that's impossible to really understand. My pointer is this; if your online looking for information to understand ASD more don't read the doctors notes or someone who's only studied it for information read and watch videos about people who are now adults who have lived in your child's shoes to help you better understand this problem we all are dealing with. Your child isn't a problem they are extremely smart and that's the problem.

Everyone is expecting them to give up being a baby and become more independent. But they may feel as if the grown-ups are always interfering and bossing them around. When they insist on wearing something strange, or doing things in a particular order, they may be trying to get you to recognise that they have their own choices and preferences. Sometimes it’s probably helpful to give in gracefully over things that don’t really matter. That way they will get the chance to learn how to back down themselves. And, of course, there are going to be plenty of times when they want something impossible or dangerous. So there will still be opportunities for them to learn about ‘no’ and for you to learn to cope with their tears.

Childhood temper tantrum essay

childhood temper tantrum essay


childhood temper tantrum essaychildhood temper tantrum essaychildhood temper tantrum essaychildhood temper tantrum essay