Autobiography of book essay

“Neil Patrick Harris’s  Choose Your Own Autobiography is one of the best celeb memoirs I’ve ever read.”
The Phoenix News
Seeking an exciting read that puts the “u” back in “aUtobiography”?  Look no further than  Neil Patrick Harris: Choose Your Own Autobiography ! In this entertaining and innovative memoir, Neil Patrick Harris shares intimate and hilarious stories about everything from his early days in ., life on the  How I Met Your Mother  set, secrets from backstage at award shows, and family life with David, Harper, and Gideon.  In a fresh spin on the typical celebrity narrative, he lets you, the reader, choose which path you want him to follow.  All this plus magic tricks, cocktail recipes, embarrassing pictures from his time as a child actor, and even a closing song!

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“People say “I laughed and I cried” and it sounds like a cliché. But  Rabbit  really took me there. It’s everything—poignant, heartbreaking and hilarious—all at once. I couldn’t put it down.” ( Lee Daniels, creator of  Empire )

“She was able to elevate her personal stories of horror, sadness, violence, insanity into something that people can understand and relate to and see into a world that many of us don’t know.”
( Marc Maron )

“Not only is Ms. Pat FUNNY as hell...But it wasn’t until I read Rabbit that I discovered how much she’s really been through. Ms. Pat survived PTA meetings and getting shot. That’s some real-ass shit!” ( Roseanne Barr )

“Like Ms. Pat, I grew up in the hood during the crack epidemic, but I’ve never read anything like Rabbit . I didn’t know a story this sad could make me laugh so hard. That’s the comic genius of Ms. Pat!” ( Loni Love, co-host of  The Real )

“ Rabbit tells how it went down with brutal honesty and outrageous humor in unexpected places.” ( New York Times )

“Unforgiving and darkly hilarious.” ( Washington Post )

“So harrowing it is almost too much to fathom.” ( USA Today )

“Riveting…this is one autobiography that should not be missed.” ( Huffington Post )

“Both savagely honest and often genuinely funny, this is the story of how a resilient woman survived a harrowing early life and found unexpected salvation through humor.” ( Kirkus )

“This is, in short, a humdinger of a memoir – mesmerizing” ( Buffalo News )

“Ms. Pat, gives readers insight into what it’s really like to be young black woman growing up in America.” ( )

“As heartbreaking as it is darkly hilarious, Rabbit will make you wipe away both tears of joy and sorrow...a memoir filled with wit and wisdom...Honest, poignant, and laugh-out-loud funny, Williams’ book is an absolute must-read.” (Shondaland)

Autobiography of book essay

autobiography of book essay


autobiography of book essayautobiography of book essayautobiography of book essayautobiography of book essay