An essay of the american revolution

The American Mind—the very character of what it means to be an American—is changing. Where once “being an American” meant respecting others’ freedom of speech, colleges now disinvite speakers who fail to affirm what student bodies already think; where once Americans cared about working hard, we now opt for temporary gigs rather than long-term jobs; where once Americans cared about informed voting, we now vote with a sports mentality, rooting for our favorites while knowing little about where they stand.
We at Templeton Press think it's important to recognize these changes and engage with them critically. Thus we have asked students—either graduating high school students or current undergraduates—to create an essay or a video responding to one of the following topics:

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The American Flag stands for many positive thoughts and ideals. Many around the world admire it and hope for a chance at the American Dream. Immigrants to the United States of America come from diverse backgrounds and are thankful to make their home in that country where they can make a good life for themselves. Americans have an admirable pride in their country and flag. It is the excessive reference of almost anything to patriotism and the kind of deification of their president, a man, that makes it seem like an American cult. They don’t think so, but there are many areas in which they fall short as a country. Their disregard for the world environment, exploitation of others and bullying super power foreign policy approach are making them targets. The sad lesson is that they can be reached, as they were shown on September 11. But is this glorious country learning any lessons? Everything they do affects us all because they are a super power. I think of that tattered flag at the demolished World Trade Center, Old Glory; I think of the soldier putting the flag over the face of Saddam Hussein’s statue; I think of the soldiers, the people, the children of Afghanistan and Iraq; and I think, where is the glory now?

An essay of the american revolution

an essay of the american revolution


an essay of the american revolutionan essay of the american revolutionan essay of the american revolutionan essay of the american revolution