Amy chua tiger mom essay

Indeed, in my conversations with friends, sources and colleagues in Hong Kong and China, the word that came up most frequently in relation to Chua — after wrong and stereotype — was old-fashioned . Here, as elsewhere, parenting practices are always changing — the Tiger Mother, if she ever existed, is not as fierce as she once was. Jiang Xueqin, deputy principal at Beijing's Peking University High School, says he was "shocked" by the "crass generalizations" in Chua's piece. "It goes without saying that there is no one type of Chinese parent," he says. "Some are disengaged, some are deeply involved — it's the same as anywhere." Describing her hopes for her 8-year-old son, a 34-year old Beijing resident named Xiang Yuqiong says, "I want my son's life to be like mine, but better." Each parent is different, but that sentiment, we can all agree, is universal.

"Bios for New York's Most Popular Tutors", a humor article by Ryan Max Riley on CollegeHumor , explicitly satirizes Amy Chua 's Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother . [30] Tiger mom is described in the article as "the best known teacher", and among many other accomplishments, "her students achieve standardized test scores that range from perfect to perfect with less bruising and blood loss but the same amount of shame". [30] The "students become so proficient at piano that they can embed hidden SOS messages in songs during concert performances". [30]

Amy chua tiger mom essay

amy chua tiger mom essay


amy chua tiger mom essayamy chua tiger mom essayamy chua tiger mom essayamy chua tiger mom essay