Adventurous trip essay

Viewing Benidorm by a drone shows the magnificence of this area. The ocean is a stunning blue-green; the eye never tires of it. Numerous apartments and hotels hug the beaches of Playa Poniente and Playa Levante. In between these seafronts lies the Canfali vantage point with the majestic Mal Pas cove at its foot. You can also see the energetic lights of theme parks. Benidorm has five of them. The Las Vegas-style Benidorm Palace can also be seen. The beautiful Villaitana golf course looks smaller than its actual two 18-hole golf courses. These landmarks invite you to come and play.

Adventurous Project Ideas (Gold Only)
Note: Adventurous project proposals must first be approved by the Award Leader (on behalf of the Award Unit), and usually also submitted to the State/Territory Award Operating Authority for a determination of suitability prior to departure. Please contact
your State/Territory Award Operating Authority for further information.
Popular examples of adventurous projects that have an element of expedition and community development are:
– Climbing an Andean, Himalayan or other high mountainous peak
– Following a trail of historical significance
– Retracing the path of an early explorer
– Geological survey in Central Australia
– Archaeological dig in remote areas
– Studying ecosystems in a remote area

Adventurous trip essay

adventurous trip essay


adventurous trip essayadventurous trip essayadventurous trip essayadventurous trip essay