A-level othello coursework questions

The Prompts are not book-length study commentaries like The WordSmith Guides . Rather, they are outline resources, consisting of a range of questions and assignments designed to take students into the heart of each chapter of a novel (or each scene of a play, or each poem in a collection) as they have finished reading it. Together they help build up an overview of each of the five SCASI aspects of the whole piece of writing (Setting, Character, Action, Style and Ideas - the fundamental structure of The WordSmith Guides themselves).

His madness is compounded in his final speech when he goes on to talk absolute nonsense about India, Arabia, pearls and circumcised dogs. So how far do I agree with the given statement that Othello's virtue and valour make him ultimately admirable? He does show some valour perhaps when he does the state some service (I don't think the Duke would lie about that) and he was chosen to head the troops in Cyprus. That is how far I agree with the statement. The more the play goes on, the more he speaks, the more deranged and obtuse he becomes until finally the Othello music is turned off.

A-level othello coursework questions

a-level othello coursework questions


a-level othello coursework questionsa-level othello coursework questionsa-level othello coursework questionsa-level othello coursework questions